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There are several items that are on the Football Program's Wish List.  If you have the ability to help out with any of these items (happen to have something you can donate, have a contact to use, business that may want to sponsor the item, ability to get a discount, etc), let us know! The further we can make our money go, the better!

    ◦    Trailer wrapped for away games
    ◦    Two Drones
    ◦    Fridge for Weightroom
    ◦    Freshman Field Shed
    ◦    Golf Cart (games)
    ◦    Folding Chairs (sideline games)
    ◦    Tent (sideline games)
    ◦    Travel Bags
    ◦    New shoulder pads 
    ◦    Bands for weightroom 
    ◦    Trap bars weightroom
    ◦    Speakers in weightroom
    ◦    New practice equipment 
    ◦    New Helmets 
    ◦    Prowler sleds for conditioning
    ◦    New Jerseys 
    ◦    Zone Reaction Sled
    ◦    Crowler Sled
    ◦    Permanent bathrooms at field