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The main function of the Gridiron Club is to support Chatfield Senior High School FootballThis support comes in many different forms: Volunteering time, fundraising, supporting events - like Home Coming. The success on the field comes easier with the support and backing of the community. 

The Chatfield Gridiron Club meets monthly. We openly encourage all football parents to participate. Please look at the events calendar tab on the home page to find the times and locations of these meetings.

If your student participates in the football program we highly encourage you to get involved. The Gridiron Club hosts a variety of programs and events. These events raise money for the football program and promote community involvement. Events include: Peaches, Home Coming, Summer BBQ, and more! Many events raise the money necessary to keep the program running. 

A successful football high school football program requires financial support and backing. A portion of the funds come from the Jefferson County School District. The remainder of the cost becomes the responsibility of the booster club, parents, and players. The budget cuts to athletics and other school programs makes organizations like Chatfield Gridiron Club essential. In a typical year, the Gridiron Club attempts to raise $20-30K for the football program.

How these funds are spent:

A typical football helmet costs approximately $200-300. To outfit a Varsity Team of 100 players with all the necessary gear easily costs $30,000 or more. There are also times when additional funds are needed. 

Please check with your employer to see if they offer volunteer grants for donating time to a charity.The Grid Iron Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association and many companies will match donations thier employees make to charities, or will donate funds to charities their employees donate time at. We can easily provide our tax information to aid you in this process.